Our Recruiting Service

Our Recruiting Service

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Get the Best-Fit Drivers for Your Empty Seats


Expert marketers – we know how to tell your story so drivers get to know you to choose the best long-term fit. We’re not looking for short-term solutions that churn in 60 days. We’re looking for the best fit for you – matching the right drivers to the right jobs and companies.

Accountable and Transparent – we let you know what’s working with transparent reporting and attribution down to the campaign. We optimize our recruiting to dial in the best results for the money to drive the lowest application and per-hire cost for long-term hires.

Relationship Experts – our customers are more than just contacts. Our relationships with our customers come first. We commit to providing the best service and the best advice we can give to maximize your ROI, not ours. Our goal is the exceed your expectations in every aspect of our relationship with you and your business.

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