Process for Adding New Sub Recruiters

So you are looking to add sub recruiters?  Awesome, here is the process to screen your new recruiter’s applications.  

Recruiters need to have past sales or recruiting experience in the past 10 years to qualify.

Lead Recruiters/Recruiting Managers MUST Screen each recruiters applications.  This MUST happen until the recruiter is able to submit 10-15 accurate applications.

Again – BEFORE the application is submitted to the carrier – Lead Recruiters/Recruiting Managers will review applications using the process below.

Each Group will have a link similar to the one below.  Your recruiter will submit using your Group training link as if they are submitting to the carrier on the link,  Then they will email you when the application is submitted and will request your review.  Once you verify the applicant is in the hiring area, meets the min qualifications etc.  and the application is 100% complete – The Lead/Manager sends the full application back to the recruiter to enter into the carrier application and continue the process.

Then they would follow the process on classarecruiting inc per carrier profile.
(Request Groups Application Link – Recruiter App Link to be reviewed by lead recruiter or groups recruiting manager  Example Link  –
Request a link for your Group from Ron if you do not already have one.
Mandatory  On-Board Recruiter Training

Also, All new recruiters MUST Review ALL  training videos prior to the first app submission.
If you are a Lead or Recruiting Manager YOU ARE ALSO Required to view these videos.
This will be a standard training process going forward for all new subs on all our teams.
All videos with asterisks are required viewing. (With the app to hire ratio being so low – We highly recommend all current recruiters watch these videos as well).  It’s a good refresher. – Page Password is = Recruiter2023!
**** Please have all new sub recruiters complete a new recruiter form for our records.  – ***** 
All New Recruiters need to watch all videos listed with astericks – There will be a 10 question test to be completed by all new contractors.  This is to verify the videos were viewed.