Recruiter Training

New Recruiter Training Instructions

Please watch/listen to training in the order suggested.  Training is set up to follow the Recruiting Process Outline.  Video/Audio links are numbered to correspond with the recommended order.   

Your Lead Recruiter is responsible for ensuring you complete your training.  They may also ask you to complete additional training as needed.   


1. Welcome and Get Around the Class A Recruiting Site (Ron Baker) 

2. Welcome To Class A Recruiting: Starring Daniel, Jessica & Matt (Expectations Overview) 

3. Building Rapport and Prequalifying (Daniel) 

4. Presenting Driving Jobs Properly (Daniel) 

5. Daniel Making Phone Calls - Audio Link (Daniel) 

6. Randall Reilly Adapting to the Driver Training Video 

7. Different Types of Trailers and Like Experience (Ron) 

8. Complete a Full Application for the Driver (Ron) 

9. Submit Drivers to Driver Manager (Ron)  

10. Proper Follow Up (Daniel)  

11. Recruiting 101 Training (Daniel) – In-depth Recruiting Overview addressing what our role is and where our “Value” is.  

12. Swift Videos – Start with the Swift Overview Video 12.  Then review all videos for Swift 12A – 12E.  Swift is our recommended carrier to learn to recruit for.  Your lead recruiter will recommend others to start with as well. 

12A. Swift Experienced Training Video (Ron) – Basic Walkthrough 

12B. Swift Training with Melissa – Discusses the Why’s of the process and highlights key info 

12C. Swift Dedicated Needs Training (Ron) – Finding the needs that are available to recruit for 

12D. Swift Overview with Daniel – More in-depth Swift discussion 

12E. Swift Holistic Review Training – Inside info that will assist you in recruiting for Swift 

13. OPTIONAL:  Speed To Hire - Training Call (Daniel) – How to increase efficiency in recruiting – We recommend this video after you’ve begun your recruiting efforts.   

Training Video & Training Audio

2 ** Welcome to Class A with Daniel, Jess Audio **

1 ** Welcome & Getting Around the Site**

3 ** Pre-Qualifying - Driver Rapport **

4 ** Presenting Job Properly **

10 ** Follow Up On Your Drivers **

8 ** Complete A Full App For The Driver **

9 ** Submit A Driver to Driver Manager **

11 ** Recruiting 101 Training Video New Recruiters **

7 ** Different Types Of Trailers & Like Experience **

Averitt Carrier Training

Barr-Nunn Training

Boasso Training Video

CFI Training Video

CR England Training Video

Dart Training Video - Coming Soon

Denney Training Video

Epes Logistics Training Video

Heartland Training Video

Hogan Training Video

JB Hunt Training Video

LCT Loudon County Training Video

National Carriers Training Video

** MVT Mesilla Valley Training Video **

Navajo Express Training Video

NFI Training Video

Pam Training Video

PTL Training Video

Sharkey Training Video

12 ** Swift Overview Training Video **

** Swift Academy - Training Video **

** Swift Trainee - Training Video **

12 A ** Swift Experienced - Training Video**

12 E ** Swift Holistic Review - Training Video **

12 B ** Swift Training With Melissa **

12 C ** Swift Dedicated Needs Training **

TA Dedicated Training Video

Trans United Training Video

** USX Training Video **

USA Truck Training Video

Variant Training Video

JB Hunt Overview with Daniel

** Hired Driver Invoicing **

12 D ** Swift Training Overview With Daniel **

Epes Training With Daniel

Universal Training With Daniel

Heartland Training With Daniel 8/18/2023

National Carrier Training With Daniel 8/25/2023

Jb Hunt Owner Op Video With Daniel 9/13

Training With Seth at Randall Reilly

Recruiter. Does a Year Make a Difference? (Part 1)

2 Calls - 1 Recruiter. Does a Year Make a Difference?

6 ** Randall Reilly Adapting to the driver Training Video **

The Art of the Call - Inbound vs. Outbound

Driver Recruiting Calls: Patterns vs. Scripts

Listening In With Seth | The Case of the Missing Application

Listening In With Seth | The 3 C's of Email Communication

Listening In with Seth | Adapting to the Driver w/ Robin Tidmore

Listening In With Seth | Countdown Edition

Listening In With Seth | What we can learn from 20,000 calls

Listening In With Seth - Episode 6 (Building The "Perfect" Call: Part 1)

Listening In With Seth - Episode 7 (Building The "Perfect" Call: Part 2)

Listening In With Seth - Episode 8 (Building The "Perfect" Call : Part 3)

Listening In With Seth - Episode 9 (Building The "Perfect" Call : Part 4)

Top 10 Most Common Semi Trailer Types

How to be a Successful Driver Recruiter