Some of the Better Trucking Schools Per State

To help you find the best truck driving school for your commercial driver’s license and job placement, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best truck driving schools the nation has to offer. Here you will find truck driving schools situated in each state of the US, ordered alphabetically for easy reference. For each, we’ve given a brief overview and a link to their site so that you can easily find more information.


Best Truck Driving Schools

Alabama – ESD School, LLC

Situated in Alabama, the ESD School has been training commercial driving students since 2006. Operating from both Decatur Campus and Theodore, they supply Class A and B commercial driver training while also offering universal enrolment services. ESD has a great track record for job placement with sound training and a large campus. View their site for more information or call ESD School on 1-866-432-0430.

Alaska – Northern Industrial Training, LLC (NIT)

Northern Industrial Training delivers a wide range of truck driving training programs in Alaska. The school holds secure grounds at their campus in Palmer, Alaska, whereby students are given the opportunity to hone their skills. Safety skills are the prime focus, with ample attention given to defensive driving as well. Three programs are offered throughout the year ranging from 160-hours to 360-hours. You can find more details on their site or call NIT on 1-888-367-6482.

Arizona – Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

CDL and truck driving training from the Phoenix Truck Driving Institute supplies comprehensive courses, refresher courses and road testing. Hundreds of students are trained each year, with the institute carrying affiliation to the American Trucking Association (ATA), Arizona Motor Transport Association, Arizona Motor Transport Association Safety Council, ATA Safety Management Council, National Safety Council, and the Driver Employer Council of America. You can find full details on their site or call the Phoenix Truck Driving Institute toll-free at (877) 205-5372.

Arkansas – C1 Truck Driver Training

Operating out of Little Rock, Arkansas, the C1 Truck Driver Training school supplies outstanding training to students while holding one of the most respected reputations in the entire Arkansas trucking community. Over a three-week course, you will learn all of the skills needed to become a safety-minded, skilled truck driver. Since their establishment in 2011, over seven-hundred new professionals have been trained. View their site for more details or call C1 Truck Driver Training on 1-501-955-0400.

California – California Truck Driving Academy

Approved by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, the California Truck Driving Academy has maintained consisted high standards since its establishment. Operating out of Santa Ana, California, the academy employs offers open online enrolment. In addition to extensive truck driver training programs, you are also given premier job placement assistance. Full details and a contact form are available on their site. Alternatively, call the California Truck Driving Academy on 800-581-2048.

Colorado – The Northern Colorado Truck Driving Academy

Specializing in the placement of high-income earning positions, The Northern Colorado Truck Driving Academy has a range of truck driver and tractor driving training courses available. Commercial driver’s license testing and training is supplied from their expansive locations in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. Testimonials reflect wonderful coaching instilling practical skills and premier job placement. Full details are supplied on their site or call the Northern Colorado Truck Driving Academy on (970) 690-8846.

Connecticut – A.B. CDL Driver Training Center

Based in New Britain, Connecticut, the A.B. CDL Driver Training Center brings over 35 years of experience for aspiring truck drivers. A full range of training courses is provided, from Class A CDL tuitions to Class B, long haul combination training, specialty services and a comprehensive selection of emergency education courses. Not only do you receive all of the training necessary to make you a competent driver, but you are also assisted with job placement. Full details concerning their course offerings are available on their website or contact A.B. CDL Driver Training Center on 860-444-8099.

Delaware – American Driver Training Academy, Inc.

Headquartered in Delaware with offices in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland, the American Driver Training Academy, Inc. boasts instructors carrying between 20 to 30-years’ worth of experience and a graduate employment rate of 97%. They offer CDL training for all endorsements, qualifying you as a seasoned truck or bus driver within just 21-days. This truck driver training school benefits from tuition reimbursement offered to new drivers from leading trucking companies, as well as a range of financial aid. Take advantage of their great small class sizes and excellent training by visiting their site or contact the American Driver Training Academy on 855-355-2382.

Florida – Suncoast Trucking Academy

Suncoast Trucking Academy has training centers in Punta Gorda and Moore Haven, Florida. CDL training, testing, and coaching is supplied, as well as a range of financial assistance options. Your CDL training concludes within just four weeks, with Suncoast supplying trusted job placement assistance. Classes run throughout the week, with weekend tuition available as well. You can find full details of their course syllabus on their site or call the Suncoast Trucking Academy on 863-946-6809.

Georgia – CDL of GA

CDL of GA is a truck driving school offering a 180-hour commercial driving course. Classroom, range, and road training gives aspiring drivers all of the guidance needed to succeed in a commercial driving career. This institution holds affiliation with some of the largest transport companies in the USA. This includes companies such as Schneider, Roehl, Maverick Transport, P.A.M. Transport, and USA Trucks to name just a few. You can find more full details on their site or call CDL of GA on +1.7708680021.

Hawaii – Leeward Community College

Leeward Community College is based in Pearl City, Hawaii, and supplies a comprehensive CDL training program, alongside their expansive subject range including business studies, technology, education, healthcare, industrial technology, and transportation. Their complete commercial motor vehicle training series gives you everything needed to complete a Class A or Class B CDL, even if you have never driven such vehicles. Full details of their courses and available driver positions are available on their site or call Leeward Community College on 808-455-0477.

Idaho – Idaho CDL Training

Idaho CDL Training brings 14 years of experience and a prime test location to those wishing to obtain their commercial driver’s license. Boasting affordable pricing and truck rental for those who wish to hone their skills, the Idaho CDL Training center is situated in Kellogg, Idaho. They are also certified as a state testing center and their staff body features prior Idaho law enforcement officers. You can find more information on their website or call the Idaho CDL Training center on 208-867-7972.

Illinois – 160 Driving Academy

160 Driving Academy supplies expert field and classroom instruction to aspiring truck and bus drivers. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 4 to 1, the class size allows instructors to pay attention to each individual student. There are convenient locations across twenty Midwest cities, while the academy even offers generous graduation cash rewards to certain graduates. Job placement and sponsored tuition are supplied, with full information available on their site. Alternatively, call the 160 Driving Academy on 877-350-0884.

Indiana – SAGE Truck Driving School

SAGE Truck Driving School is a great training center to fast track your trucking career. Supplying premier job placement, a range of seasoned instructors, and training which is among the best in Indiana, SAGE makes for a great choice. Their CDL programs are affordable, with financial assistance available. The company even allows for pre-hiring and tuition loan reimbursement through close association with leading transport providers. The Indiana campus is placed at Ivy Tech Community College in Muncie. You can find full training details on their site or call the SAGE Truck Driving School on 800-589-8324 and ask for extension 1425.

Iowa – Des Moines Area Community College

Boasting the lowest tuition and fees in Iowa, the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) has one of the State’s best truck driver training programs. Four courses run each year, with representatives from many large trucking companies visiting the school in search of talented new drivers to pre-hire. Financial aid is readily available, and the quality of tuition is excellent. Full details regarding their syllabus and funding can be found on their website or call DMACC on 515-965-7450.

Kansas – White Line CDL Training

Based in Topeka Kansas, White Line CDL Training offers a large classroom setting with driver training supplied on local streets and highways. The practical experience is invaluable, and their tuition is known to be rather affordable. Over 60-years’ worth of practical experience is on offer from the dedicated educators at White Line. You can find full curriculum details with information concerning prerequisites and rates, on their site. Alternatively, call White Line CDL Training on 785-266-3070.

Kentucky – Luke Cumberland CDL Training School

Luke Cumberland CDL Training School is an excellent institution with seven locations across Kentucky. Their corporate office is found in Columbia, with training supplied at Ashland Community and Technical College, Maysville Community and Technical College, Somerset Community and Technical College, Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, Hopkinsville Community College, and Southeast KY Community and Technical College. Their rates are affordable, veterans are supplied assistance, and their CDL training is comprehensive. Find more detail on their site or call Luke Cumberland CDL Training School on 877-308-9638.

Louisiana – Diesel Driving Academy

The Diesel Driving Academy has been in operation since 1972 and is one of the best truck driving schools in Louisiana and Arkansas. CDL training programs are offered in Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and Little Rock. Pre-hiring is frequently carried out thanks to close partnerships with Schneider, Werner Enterprises, TMC, Covenant Transport, Maverick Transportation, Empire Express Inc., and Stevens Transport. You can find further information on their site, or call the Diesel Driving Academy on 800-551-8900.

Maine – Region 9 Professional Truck Driver Training

Region 9 Professional Truck Driver Training is the premier CDL training institute in Maine. There are hundreds of trucks awaiting drivers consequent to graduation, with Region 9’s job placement being among the best. With course funding possible, excellent tutors and a range of programs taught be a dedicated staff body, Region 9 Professional Truck Driver Training should be a definite consideration. They have full details concerning the prerequisites and training schedule on their site. Alternatively, call Region 9 Professional Truck Driver Training on 207-369-9058

Maryland – Drive-Rite

Drive-Rite delivers over 41 years of truck driving education experience, with some of the best training in Maryland. Operating from Pasadena, Maryland, Drive-Rite takes you through every aspect of your pre-trip inspection, air brake test, skills test, and road test. Two campuses are available. They have sites in Pasadena and Odenton. Visit their site for more information or call Drive-Rite on 410-766-8456.

Massachusetts – Tri-State CDL Training Center

As a full-service truck driver training center specializing in Commercial Driver’s License training, the Tri-State CDL Training Center is one of the best options in the State. Their training center covers all CDL endorsements and practical skills training is given at their on-site test course. As an active member of the truck driving industry, job placement is a high possibility. You can find further information concerning their flexible classes by visiting their website or call the Tri-State CDL Training Center on 413-788-8800.

Michigan – Michigan Truck Driving School

The Michigan Truck Driving School specializes in CDL Class A training and truck driver job placement. You are taught everything needed to become a safe, effective driver capable of rising rapidly through the trucking industry. With a clear emphasis on safety, one cannot fault their excellent training protocols. For more info visit the Michigan Truck Driving School website and make use of the contact form or call the school on 734-747-4298.

Minnesota – Heavy Metal Truck Training

Situated in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Heavy Metal Truck Training offers affordable tuition with numerous tuition assistance options. They give students a comprehensive syllabus, great job placement, and are known to assist unemployed individuals on a regular basis. From free CDL practice tests to many campus events and a range of programs, you won’t be disappointed by this training institution. You can request more info using the form on their site or call Heavy Metal Truck Training on 651-528-8994.

Mississippi – Mississippi Truck Driving School

Mississippi Truck Driving School gives aspiring commercial drivers all the support and tuition needed to excel in their field. Their CDL certification runs across a course of eighteen days. Financial aid and scholarships are also available. The school supplies a great job placement program with fantastic success rates. More information can be requested via the contact form on their site. Alternatively, give the Mississippi Truck Driving School a call on 888-497-4918.

Missouri – Southern Missouri Truck Driving School

The Southern Missouri Truck Driving School is based at the Malden Industrial Park in Malden, Missouri & Scott City. Established in 1997, the school boasts small classroom sizes with an excellent student-to-teacher ratio. Financial aid is readily available, with over 80% of all students receiving their training and licensing free. You can contact the Southern Missouri Truck Driving School toll-free on 1-888-276-3860 or visit their website for more information.

Montana – Missoula College: University of Montana

Missoula College supplies an outstanding commercial driver’s license training program for new drivers or those wishing to refresh their skills, adding extra endorsements. Government grants are available, with an active outreach program running. They supply the state’s very best non-credit training. For more information, please visit their site or contact the program director Mark Dodge directly on 406-243-7650.

Nebraska – Central States Safety & Driver Training

Central States Safety & Driver Training gives you great job placement, premier trucking training, and a flexible training calendar. Based in Kearney, Nebraska, this training center offers testing and training, while having won illustrious awards such as 2016’s ‘Best of Kearney Award’ for their outstanding syllabus and results. You can find more information by telephoning Central States Safety & Driver training on 308-455-3035 or visit their site.

Nevada – Nevada Desert Truck Driving School

The Nevada Desert Truck Driving School is an outstanding educational institution specializing in CDL training. Their claim to fame is that they will beat the tuition rates of any other training school in the State of Nevada. Training is supplied throughout the week and on weekend, with financial aid, veteran support, and job placement provided. You can find more info on their site or call the Nevada Desert Truck Driving School on 775-291-9544, to begin training at their Sparks, Nevada site.

New Hampshire – Commercial Driving School LLC

Commercial Driving School LLC is the only private auto & CDL driver education school in New Hampshire. They give CDL refresher courses, CDL Class A & B, and CDL endorsement upgrade tuition. This illustrious training institute walked away with 2017’s ‘Vendor of the Year’ award from the New Hampshire Motor Transportation Institution. You can look forward to a great track record of successful job placement and multiple locations to train at. Visit their website for further information or call the Commercial Driving School of New Hampshire on 603-715-2559.

New Jersey – Jersey Tractor Trailer Training

Jersey Tractor Trailer Training prides itself as one of the best driver education centers in the country. Trucking since 1965 and training since 1984, the Jersey Tractor Trailer Training Institute has a flawless track record sporting some of the best job placement rates seen. Class A and Class B CDL training are supplied from their campus in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. You can find more information with trustworthy testimonials on their website or call Jersey Tractor Trailer Training on 201-460-0875.

New Mexico – Gallup CDL Training Center

Gallup CDL Training Center gives you a choice of every popular CDL training type. They supply courses for Class A and Class B licensing both manual and automatic transmission, as well as HAZMAT endorsement, and passenger transport training. Great partnerships with transport giants such as UNM Gallup, Schneider National, Werner Enterprises, and Swift ensure a good job placement success rate. The class sizes are kept small land the teachers are extremely experienced and dedicated. Find everything that you need to know to apply on their website or call Gallup CDL Training Center on 505-722-9406.

New York – Sunny Truck Driving School

Sunny Truck Driving School is one of the largest driver education centers in the New York area. Their combination of flexible scheduling, competitive pricing, and a comfortable, intimate learning environment ensures that each graduate is completely competent and skilled enough to rise rapidly in the transport sector. Skills training benefits from an individual educator assigned to each student. Numerous funding and scholarship options also await avid learners. You can find full detail of their courses on their website or call the Sunny Truck Driving School on 1-718-353-6745.

North Carolina – Charlotte Truck Driver Training School

Charlotte Truck Driver Training School was the very first trailer-tractor training schools in North Carolina. They bring many years’ worth of industry experience to learners, supplying CDL training and testing with courses covering every CDL, including military vehicle training. The school is well backed by upstanding associations with the Better Business Bureau, the Veterans Administration Department of Education, S.E.T.A., and the American Trucking Association. You can find full details of their syllabus divulged on their website or call the Charlotte Truck Driver Training School on 800-424-9064.

North Dakota – Commercial Education and Safety LLC

Commercial Education and Safety LLC operates in Dickinson and West Fargo, supplying outstanding training for CDL applicants. A full range of financing options are available, and their training calendar is flexible. Multiple professional truck driver certifications are on offer ranging from a 40-hour course to a 160-hour training program. The school has training facilities in a range of other states and encourages aspiring drivers to contact them for details. Please visit their site for more info or call the Commercial Education and Safety LLC on 701-260-7057.

Ohio – Great Lakes Truck Driving School

Great Lakes Truck Driving School offers a range of CDL training programs and customized driver training of the highest quality. Their school supplies lodging, job placement, veteran assistance, CDL preparatory guidance, and a range of financial aid options. Class A CDL training is available, as is a range of endorsement tuition options. You can find all the necessary information on their site or call Great Lakes Truck Driving School on 888-932-3436.

Oklahoma – Central Tech Truck Driver Training

Central Tech Truck Driver Training offers online enrolment for CDL coursework spanning an eight-week schedule which typically takes place in Oklahoma City. A flexible schedule is offered, training videos are supplied, and online practice tests are even available. The Central Tech Board has been training drivers since 1969 and should be a prime choice for anyone in the Oklahoma area looking for truck driver training. You can find a complete range of details concerning their courses on their website or call Central Tech Truck Driver Training on 1-800-458-7825.

Oregon – Western Pacific Truck School of Oregon

Serving Portland, Olympia, Longview, Centralia, and all the surrounding areas in Oregon, the Western Pacific Truck School of Oregon supplies outstanding tuition. Headquartered in Portland, the school supplies CDL training covering Class A and Class B, as well as all endorsements. Class hours run Monday through Thursday, with affordable pricing. The school recently celebrated its 40th anniversary; Western Pacific Truck School has been training premier truck drivers since 1977 and has full details of their sites and syllabus on their website. You can also give them a call on 888-565-0203.

Pennsylvania – Shelly Truck Driving School

Shelly Truck Driving School supplies outstanding Class A CDL training through a four-week program from their campus in York, Pennsylvania. A complete range of financial assistance options is available, while the school boasts an outstanding curriculum. A cutting-edge truck driving simulator has been integrated into their coursework, ensuring that drivers are prepared before even hitting the road. You can see for yourself on their website or call the Shelly Truck Driving School on 844-743-5591.

Rhode Island – New England Tractor Trailer Training School (NETTTS)

New England Tractor Trailer Training School has more than a 50-year history of delivering hands-on driver training to qualified candidates. NETTTS has the staff, equipment and ability to provide hands-on professional tractor trailer training and to assist people who are seeking to secure their future in the transportation industry as well as those who want to upgrade their driving skills. You can find a full range of career training programs on their website or call NETTTS on 1-800-333-2888.

South Carolina – Truck Driver Institute, Inc.

The Truck Driver Institute, Inc. was established in 1973, supplying outstanding commercial driver training of the highest caliber. Operating from their Richburg campus nearby to Rockhill, Chester, and Great Falls, lodging is also offered for those who seek education from further away. The very same institute also offers training in Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, Orlando, Dallas, Pensacola, Gulfport, Indianapolis, South Bend, Louisville, and Tupelo. Over 15 days you are taught everything needed to ace your CDL. The school holds a 90% job placement rate, with tuition reimbursement, supplied when possible. You can find full details of all of their training possibilities on their website or call the Truck Driver Institute on 800-848-7364.

South Dakota – Western Dakota Tech

Western Dakota Tech affords students a wonderful commercial driver training syllabus from their Rapid City campus. Scholarships, financial aid, and job placement from Western Dakota Tech are known to be readily available with good success rates. Over 96% of all graduates find employment consequent to completing their schooling. You find all of their information and a contact form on their website or call Western Dakota Tech on 605-718-2400.

Tennessee – Tennessee Truck Driving School

Tennessee Truck Driving School allows you to kick-start your trucking career with no financial backing. They supply career-based trucking tuition with job placement pre-hiring. This allows you to be financed by the school but only pay back your tuition once you begin earning a salary. Training is provided at the school’s Knoxville campus, with further details available on their site. Alternatively, call the Tennessee Truck Driving School on 865-330-0035.

Texas – Continental Truck Driver Training & Education School

Continental Truck Driver Training & Education School supplies refresher CDL courses and Class A Commercial Driver’s License training. Since their establishment in 2000, over 6,000 students have graduated from the four-week course. The school is based in Dallas, Texas, with informational seminars held across the state. Student housing is offered, as is training for veterans, and a range of financial aid possibilities. You can learn more about their reliable expertise spanning fifteen years on their website or call the Continental Truck Driver Training & Education School on 877-924-5551.

Utah – Utah Trucking Academy

The Utah Trucking Academy is the prime commercial driver education center in the state. CDL training and placement with an excellent success rate are offered. The school has you ready and placed within as little as 20-days, supplying a premier 175-hour training course granting full comprehension to the driver. Several classes are available across various schedules with full details available on their website. Online enrolment is available as well. Alternatively, call the Utah Trucking Academy on 801-924-1114.

Vermont – Northeast Driver Training LLC

Northeast Driver Training LLC grants students Class A, B and B passenger license training. Operating in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Mass, this outstanding institute carries instructors with a combined total of over five million miles driven. You have ensured the best tuition at affordable rates. Information concerning their funding solutions, training programs, and the application process is available on their website, or call the Northeast Driver Training LLC on 1-802-463-9194.

Virginia – Shipper’s Choice CDL Training & Truck Driving School

Shipper’s Choice CDL Training & Truck Driving School has been providing commercial driver training for over 24 years. They offer guaranteed financial assistance without any collateral and even have 100% paid tuition possibilities prior to approval. Class sizes are limited so it is best to apply early. Training is available in Richmond, Manassas, Charlottesville, Newport News, and Suffolk. They offer all forms of CDL training for all licensing types and endorsements. Further details are provided on their site or call Shipper’s Choice on 1-747-896-1155.

Washington – Pacific Professional Driving School

Pacific Professional Driving School is one of the best CDL licensing training schools in the Washington State. Training is supplied in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Turkish, Russian, Moldovan, and Ukrainian, with a range of financial assistance options. Job placement from Pacific Professional Driving School is known to be great. If you are looking to procure your Class A CDL, visit their site for more details or call Pacific Professional on 253-212-9463.

West Virginia – JumpStart Commercial Driver

JumpStart Commercial Driver is a truck driver training school in operation for over twenty years. They supply Class A CDL training from their Pittsburgh campus. As a branch of the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, you can expect the highest quality of education. You are trained through an intensive four-week program granting all the skills necessary to succeed in trucking and transport. JumpStart has further details available on the site or give them a call on 412-346-2100.

Wisconsin – Professional CDL Training, LLC

Established in 1996, Professional CDL Training, LLC offers outstanding truck driving training to the Southeastern Wisconsin region. Operating from Milwaukee, a range of CDL training programs are provided at competitive rates. Throughout the year free seminars are held to promote the training of new commercial drivers. You can find further information on the Professional CDL Training website or give the school a call on 414-218-0093.

Wyoming – Mountain West Commercial Driving School

Mountain West Commercial Driving School was established in 2001 and has been training commercial drivers successfully for over 33-years. From entry-level tractor-trailer driving to advanced CDL endorsements, Mountain West has a comprehensive training syllabus. Daytime and evening classes are offered with both new drivers and those seeking a refresher course welcomed. You can find more details on their site or give Mountain West Commercial Driving School a call on 307-299-3645 to arrange a visit to their training grounds.