Swift Tracorp and General Infromation

Tracorp Video for Swift Drivers

Important Swift Checklist of Items to Complete:
Please complete before your Scheduled in Person Orientation. This Will Assist You have a Smooth Hiring Process!
 1) Subscribe to Driver Pulse, a Great Communication App that Allows Swift Utilizes to send and receive information from you
    Using your Cell Phone. Please text the word ‘subscribe’ to 918-223-3968 to receive Swift Driver Pulse text messages.
 2) FMCSA – Please Complete As Soon As Possible. 
 3) Tasks – Complete these as you receive them. 
 4) Swift Will Verify All 10 Years of Recent History   Please ensure All Previous Employers are Verifiable. If a company is out business, please collect W2’s   Collect Any Self Employment Documentation, such business license and 1099’s   Collect All Truck Driving School Certificates   Collect All School(s) Transcripts, if Applicable.   Collect Military DD214’s, if Applicable.
 5) Pre-Employment Drug Test. Please Be Available when our Medical Team Contacts You.
 6) Tracorp Training Videos
   This login will be your email 
   Password is your date of birth. MMDDYYYY with No Dashes
Please Note! 
Some Devices have a Pop-Up Blocker.
Please follow the Instructions below to get past them
 iPhone/iPad/Android Users
 You will need to allow pop-ups in order to complete your courses.
 1.  Go to Settings in your iPhone/iPad.
 2.  Click on Safari
 3.  Scroll down to General and uncheck Block Pop-Ups.
 1.  Turn pop-ups on or off
 2.  On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome App.
 3.  To the right of the address bar, tap More Settings.
 4.  Tap Permissions.  Pop-ups and redirects.
 5.  Change Pop-ups and redirects to allow them.
When you launch a course, it will ask if you want to allow the pop-up.  
 Always say Yes!