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Old Truckers Rant – Drivers – Where have the days Gone? How the industry has changed. Why does it need to be this way?

Where have the days Gone? How the industry has changed. Why does it need to be this way?


Old Trucker Rant –


So, drivers where have they gone if you have been in the industry for more than 10 years you might have an idea. I have spent 40 plus years in or around 18 wheels. As a second-generation driver of my Oldman of driving 48 until his stroke stopped him from driving.  We always ask where did the good days of drivers stopping to help one another or even as simple as picking up the mic on the radio to help another out with directions or to help keep each other up as the moon light bounces of the long nose hood to stay awake?


I think back to starting in 92’ rolling out I-80 on my fist load of Peter Paul from CT heading into toledo all the fears running through me even though I had done it a million times with my old man riding shotgun!! I remember rolling into Toledo 5 for my fuel and a nap. I came rolling into park (not at the fuel island) I set up started rolling reverse to settle in and hearing a familiar old man voice holla watch your right-side driver. You clip my hood and I’ll kick your ass!! (I still chuckle to this day)


After a few pull ups he climbed down walked up to the driver’s side door and said “listen to me boy here’s how to do this and not look like a rookie. Once I settled in he said so how long for you?

I replied a few hours. He let out a belly laugh and said you got a marker out, you got one?  I said yes sir, he growled go get I’ll help you fix it.

Soon after I offered a coffee he said I’m heading out we can get one on the flip-side. Quick shake of the hand and a thank you he was gone never to run into one another again after 25 years.


We take for granted nowadays how tough this career is, or the roads those old timers cleared like that fella or my old man running a old Mack with all the windows down and the side vents wide open for air conditioning.


A few things that can help your fellow truckers.

  1. Park straight make a few more pull ups so we can all park at night.
  2. DON’T park at the fuel Island
  3. Turn on your Damn Radio (CB)
  4. Walk around the truck stop parking lot (Get to know each other) It’s a lot harder to tell a fellow driver FU if you can put a face to a voice.
  5. Be sure to holla to each other when someone it broke DOWN.
  6. By god get your rear end out of the truck and help guide that rookie into his dock door or spot at the truck stop.
  7. If you can pass along a little knowledge and wisdom then IT’s your responsibility to do so driver.


To sum up my thoughts if you complain about a industry of long ago (FIX IT) it starts with US the senior drivers to set a good example for the new drivers. Trust me it works after all the years of training all the folks I have had the privilege to help seem to be doing the same tricks I may have taught them.

We are no different from these guys although we wore boots and pants (not flip flops)  Come on drivers you work in an industry of fork lifts and diesel grease and a 40 ton monster we need to wear shoes.


We can help make changes or just complain and put no effort forward to help at least right this ship.

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